Great.com.au FAQ

What’s in a Domain Name?

Your online presence starts with a top quality domain name. At Great.com.au you'll find thousands of the best domain names waiting to be developed into first-rate brands.

A premium domain name is a domain that has already been registered, typically with a short, memorable, and brandable name. These domains tend to have a higher perceived value because of their potential for effective marketing and branding.

Some domain names are considered premium because they possess certain qualities, such as being short, memorable, and containing popular keywords. Additionally, premium domain names may have been previously registered and are now available for resale at a higher price.

The price of a premium domain name varies depending on factors such as domain length, keyword popularity, brandability, and market demand. Premium domain names can range from a few hundred to millions of dollars.

If you have more than 5 domains, and they consist of single words, please reach out to us at sell@great.com.au for assistance.

All sales are subject to the final approval of Great.com.au, and we reserve the right to deny fulfillment of any order at any time and for any reason. In the event that Great.com.au decides to stop fulfillment of an order and payment has already been rendered by the buyer, we will issue a complete refund immediately. Only once the CoR has completed and the buyer has received possession of the domain will a sale be considered final.

Yes, you will receive a Tax Invoice within 1 business day after paying for your domain name online.

Once your payment is cleared, we will initiate the Change Of Registrant (CoR) process at the registrar. You will also receive a secure link via email to access the domain's EPP code or password, allowing you to transfer the domain to a registrar of your choice, free of charge.

We accept Credit Card and EFT payments.

Once purchased, the domain becomes your property, giving you complete ownership and control over it.

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