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About Us & Domain Buying Guide - is Australia's premier market-place for the purchase of super-premium domain names. was established out of frustration with the limited options available for purchasing and selling domains on other platforms, many of which primarily cater to the US market. understands the importance of finding a premium domain name for your business, which is why we offer a comprehensive catalog of high-quality, generic domain names. 

Choosing the right domain name is a critical step in establishing a strong online presence for your business. At Great Domains, we are committed to providing you with the tools and resources to secure a premium domain name that will give your enterprise a competitive edge. Let us help you take your online presence to the next level.

Domain Name Buying Guide

With over 145 million .com domains already registered, you may be wondering if there are any good names available. Finding the best domain name for you should be fairly easy. Just follow the tips in our buying guide to find the right web address and set yourself up for success.

How are domain valuations calculated?

Domain valuations are calculated based on various factors such as domain length, keyword relevance, TLD (Top-Level Domain) extension, market demand, and past sales data of similar domains. Several online tools and domain appraisal services can help estimate the value of a domain.

Domain Valuations
How domain transfers work

Domain transfers involve moving the ownership of a domain name from one registrar to another. The process typically requires unlocking the domain, obtaining an authorization code (EPP code), initiating the transfer with the new registrar, and confirming the transfer via email. The domain may be subject to a transfer fee and a waiting period for the transfer to complete.

Domain Transfers
How the buying process works

The buying process for domain names involves searching for available domains, selecting a registrar or domain marketplace, adding the desired domain to the cart, proceeding to checkout, and completing the payment. After successful payment, the domain ownership is transferred to the buyer.

How to avoid losing your domain

To avoid losing your domain, ensure that your domain registration is up-to-date, renew your domain before it expires, enable auto-renewal if available, keep your contact information current, and be vigilant for domain renewal emails to avoid any lapse in ownership.

How to purchase a domain name

To purchase a domain name, search for available domains using a domain registrar or marketplace, add the desired domain to your cart, proceed to checkout, and complete the payment process. After successful payment, the domain ownership will be transferred to you.

How to transfer your domain to GoDaddy

To transfer your domain to GoDaddy, you'll need to unlock the domain, obtain an authorization code (EPP code) from your current registrar, initiate the transfer process on GoDaddy's website, enter the authorization code during the transfer process, and confirm the transfer via email. GoDaddy will guide you through the rest of the process.

It all starts with a great domain

Your online presence begins with a great domain name. A memorable and relevant domain name can help establish your brand identity and attract visitors to your website. Invest in a premium domain name to set yourself apart from the competition and make a lasting impression on your audience.

Rebranding and domain change checklist

When rebranding or changing your domain name, create a checklist to ensure a smooth transition. Update all references to your old domain, set up 301 redirects from your old domain to the new one, notify customers and stakeholders of the change, update your business listings and social media profiles, and monitor the transition for any issues.

Registrars vs resellers: What's the difference?

Registrars and resellers both facilitate the purchase and management of domain names, but there are differences between the two. Registrars are accredited by domain registries to directly register domains, while resellers work with registrars to sell domains on their behalf. Registrars often offer additional services such as hosting and email, while resellers focus solely on domain sales.

Why it's important to secure a domain name

In Australia, securing a domain name is crucial for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence. The extension is widely recognized and trusted by Australian consumers, signaling that your business is local and credible. A domain also helps improve your website's search engine rankings within Australia, making it easier for potential customers to find you online.

Why the value of domains increases over time

The value of domain names can increase over time due to factors such as increasing internet usage, growing demand for online presence, scarcity of premium domain names, and appreciation of digital assets. As businesses and individuals recognize the importance of having a strong online presence, the demand for premium domain names continues to rise, leading to an increase in their value.

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